Eat at our  table means to  enjoy a natural  cuisine, according to the natural balance between earth and the season.


Eating at our table means tasting a cuisine that respects our balance and that of our land, rediscovering the simple beauty of our traditions, a world where there was no excess and hurry, but tasting and feeling, savor the precious harvest that the season gave: vegetables, legumes, cereals and a balanced use of meat, remembering that for our grandparents it was a precious concession of the day of celebration!

All this to give you colors, aromas and flavors, passion and simplicity, the joy of meeting in the evening around our table to share dinner and to tell each other.


For you to enjoy a wide variety of Tuscan cuisine, every evening you can taste different recipes prepared mainly using organic products from the farm or selected from local producers.

Among other things on our table you will find Tuscany vegetable and legumes soups, homemade pasta with hand-rolled pastry made into tagliatelle, pici, ravioli or lasagna, meat cooked in the old wood oven or in the garden barbecue seasoned with aromatic herbs from the surrounding countryside, home made cakes and desserts.

The evening meal can be served inside, before the fireplace or, during hot summer nights , outside under the wide porch or the garden.


Menù is composed of an appetizer or soup, a first course, the main course with vegetable side dish and dessert.

The price of the dinner is € 25. Water, 1/4 wine and coffee (or our wild fennel tea) are included.

Here is a sample of our menù:


Peas cream with spicy chicory
Potato "gnocchi" with vegetables and tarragon
Pork filet with cabbage and balsamic
Organic vegetables from the garden cooked or in salads
Tiramisu "Toscano" with Vin Santo
Assorted bruschetta
Tagliatelle with zucchini and mint pesto
Bean burger with mushrooms from our woods
Fried potatoes Tuscany style and raw vegetables
Zuccotto strawberries from our garden








An abundant buffet breakfast is served in the dining room, so you can enjoy various typical cheeses, ricotta chees, jogurt, jam and honey all produced by us, cereals, fruit salad, home-made dessert and much more!


Upon request, we also propose typical Tuscan cooking classes, where we  will  reveal some of the secrets of our dishes!

On Tuesday, the kitchen have a day off!


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