You can devote time to the discovery of a territory rich like few others in beauty, art and culture or just stay and contemplate the passage of time in the magic of nature.
The pool (6x4), obtained from the restoration of an old collection point of rainwater, formerly used to irrigate fields and gardens, has now become a place to cool off and relax in the hot summer days!


From our farm there are many paths that lead you to discover the beauty of the surrounding woods and, over the historic route of the Via Francigena, you can reach the Castle of  Monteriggioni and the ancient churches and monasteries in the vicinity (the churche of S. Leonardo a Lago, Hermitage of Lecceto). 

By car, with short trips, you can reach Siena, the castle of Monteriggioni, S. Gimignano, Volterra, Montepulciano, Pienza, the Chianti area, Firenze and all major centers of tourist interest.

In the vicinity of La Gavina you can find several places where you can go relax in natural Tuscany hot termal waters: Terme di Petriolo, Terme di Bagno Vignoni, Bagni di San Filippo (all have also free entrance) e Rapolano Terme (range 20 to 40 km).

Our farm mainly produces olive oil and vegetables, grown following the guidelines of permaculture and we have a small breeding of poultry. Our bees pollinate flowers, allow the country to renew every year and give us their honey!
A small vineyard allows us to produce a few bottles of wine to "grapes only" to satisfy the moderate consumption in our family.

Our farm mainly produces olive oil and vegetables, we  breed on a small scale chickens, geese, rabbits and we produce our own honey and wine.

We organize, on request, cooking courses Tuscan vegetarian or where you are told the "secrets" of the dishes that make up our menu!


The lounge is available for our guests to use for gaming, music or reading and we also offer free ping pong, basketball, table football, the "pallinaio" for playing boules, a Mac workstation and free wirless.


Horse Riding

A few minutes drive from our house you can reach beautiful Lecceto Hermitage and set in the countryside you will find the Horse Riding Center "Il Cannuccio", the ideal place for anyone who loves a horseback riding surrounded by nature.


Mountain Bike e Vespa

From our partners will also be possible to rent a mountain bike or the legendary Vespa, for exploring the beauty of the landscape of Siena in the wild!


Thai, Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga

La Gavina offers the opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and well-being with a massage or a Yoga session with master Cristina. The service is available upon reservation and subject to availability.


Thai Yoga Massage is a treatment that consists of an alternation of pressures that the operator carries out depending on stitches with hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, feet and knees on the SEN energy lines, passive yoga techniques and stretching. In Thai massage, movement is rhythmic by breathing, the practice is effective on releasing muscle tension, with all that also follows on an emotional level. The stretching and joint movements help improve the body's elasticity, its flexibility and posture improve both blood and lymphatic circulation drains liquids e fights sleep disorders. It is traditionally practiced a earth, whoever receives it is advised to wear comfortable clothing. Since 2019 traditional Thai massage has been recognized as a manual therapy useful for rebalancing the body and included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage intangible.


The ancient Ayurvedic massage was born in India where Ayurvedic medicine is still the most widely used. It helps to restore harmony between mind and body, it has a strong detoxifying and adjuvant effect of the blood circulation, promotes well-being psychophysical relieves stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation.


Hatha Yoga Yoga is a discipline with ancient roots, the practice acts both on physical and mental-emotional level, the approach is in fact that holistic or rather to look at the individual as a whole as being physical but also energetic. Yoga goes to work on all the muscles in the human body by increasing the flexibility and elasticity, stretching the muscles, which becomes more resistant and toned, the practice is strongly recommended as a support to whom practice sports activity. Promotes correct posture, helps heal and prevent back pain. Thanks to the oxygenation of the brain and a specific movements can eliminate migraines and headaches, improves health of the cardio-vascular system and has a detoxifying action. The digestive system benefits greatly from exercise, plus practice helps to combat sleep disorders, insomnia. It has been shown that it is yoga raises the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the blood, the hormones of happiness, consequently helps to combat depressive states.

Yoga Nidra is a practice that is performed lying on the ground in the position by Savasana, the mind is kept awake while the body is totally relaxed, the teacher guides the practitioner to a state of relaxation and keeps awake while he explores the deepest part of her subconscious.

Yoga Nidra originates from complex Tantra practices Yoga simplified and adapted to allow the practitioner to modify and sometimes reset the mind during "conscious sleep". The practice brings many benefits: great physical and mental relaxation, sense of inner peace, it can make insomnia and states of anxiety, gives us an awareness of the more subtle aspects of our being, can allow us to free ourselves from addictions, habits unwanted and from all those aspects that do not make us live a full life.


Tai Chi

We can organize, upon request, tai chi retreats, seminars, and private classes with our partner Siena Dong Tai chi School.

For more info visit the site: and contact directly the master Claudio Corbelli.


Excursions, guided tours and wine tasting
We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information to organize excursions to discovery artistic and natural beauties of our territory. From our farm in a few minutes you can reach Siena and with short journeys all major tourst attractions such as MONTERIGGIONI, SAN GIMIGNANO, PIENZA, MONTEPULCIANO, the free spas, set in wondrful natural environments such as BAGNO VIGNONI, SAN FILIPPO, PETRIOLO, SAN CASCIANO BAGNI, SATURNIA or in accommodation facilities such as RAPOLANO TERME and BAGNO VIGNONI.


At our farm you can taste wines and cheeses from selected companies and it will be our pleasure to organize visits and tastings directly to you.


Fattoria Felsina - Castelnuovo Berardenga. Wine tasting, visit of the old cellar

Tenuta Villa Arceno - Castelnuovo Berardenga. Wine tasting

San Fabiano Calcinaia - Castellina in Chianti. Azienda vinicola biologica

Azienda Biologica Poggio di Camporbiano - San Gimignano. The farm produces cereals, vegetables, cow and goat cheeses. All strictly organic

Fattoria Murgia - Santa Colomba. Sheep cheese


Agriturismo La Gavina di Sergio e Lorena Papini

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